IrishTown Gluten Free Oats

An awesome combination of high fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals make oats a versatile superfood.

Verification of Gluten Free claims

  • Our oats are subjected to strictly designed, rigorous sampling and testing at several stages throughout the entire process.
  • Each batch of the Oat Flakes that we use is tested and only released for sale when test results show less than 10 ppm of gluten.

NFS and AOECS Certified Gluten Free

European Licensing System Number – OATS-IE-019-001

  • This product is certified Gluten Free and suitable for the majority of Coeliac sufferers when introduced gradually into the diet (a small percentage of Coeliac sufferers can not tolerate the Avenin protein found in Oats). Where unsure, the consumer should first consult their doctor.
  • Our Oats are specially grown, harvested, stored, milled and tested at every stage to ensure they comply with EU legislation which permits use of the term “gluten free”

100% dedicated Gluten Free environment

Processed and packed in a 100% dedicated Gluten Free environment with BRC Grade A accreditation.